• Organique natural rejunevative hand care 45 min 29 €
The treatment contains peeling, massage, mask and creaming. After the procedure hands are silky and juveniled.
  • Organique refreshing care for feet 40 min 32 €
Procedure contains peeling, massage, mask and creaming. Treatment offers relief and the feeling of ease. After the treatment feet are moisturized and smooth.
  • Foot sole massage 30 min 29 €
Feet soles are massaged with special techniques, which improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and decrease stress.
  • Thai foot sole massage 45 min 45 €
Restores organisms functions, elliminates disorders and balances organisms systems. Helps in case of sleeping disorders. Because the foot sole has so many nerve endings the massage helps to improve organisms immune system and relieve stress.
  • Spa pedicure 60 min 39 €
Treatment contains calming footbath, relaxing massage and full pedicure for feet. During procedure dead skin cells will be removed and cuticles will be trimmed. At the end moisturizing and cooling cream will be applied.
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