Sothys facial care


  • Sothys moisturizing face care 60 min 55 €
A complete treatment for skin that thirsts after moisture and freshness. After deep cleaning and nourishing massage the skin is moisturize and smooth.
  • Sothys men’s facial care 60 min 55 €
This antioxydant and revitalizing facial treatment was composed to according to the special demands of the mens facial skin. The skin will be enriched with energy and protected from the harmful envoirmental damages. 
  • Sothys seasonal facial care 45 min 49 €
Facial care enriches skin with oxygen and is suitable for all skin types, especially for tired and dull skin. At the end of this treatment the skin feels relaxed and fresh.
  • Sothys eye care 60 min 55 €
Perfect treatment for bright eyes. Treatment fights with swelling and dark under-eyes, improving microcirculation the eye care nourishes, moisturizes, fixes and softens the skin.
Organic eco care
  • Facial care with clay mask 45 min 42 €
Helps to remove dirt, toxines from the skin. Cleans cells and nourishes skin with minerals.
  • Facial care with alga mask 45 min 42 €
Moisturizes, tightens, strenghtens and restores skin structure.
  • Facial care with mud mask 45 min 42 €
Restores skin natural health and vitality, gives skin a natural shine, deep cleansing, helps to keep down blemishes and comedos, decreases wrinkles.
  • Eternal gold treatment 60 min 49 €
Smoothening and rejuvenating facial care that recovers skin structure. Because of its active components like nutmeg, lavendel oil and gold used as nano particles this treatment has ecological Botox-like effect. It provides instant lifting effect, improves Your face contours and shallows furrows and wrinkles after just one treatment.
  • Organique facial care for men 60 min 45 €
Facial care, that was created for the demanding skin of men. Active ingredience like yarrow, carrot oil and clay stimulate skin regeneration, Afterwards the skin feels protected and nourished.

Other treatments for face and neck


  • Honey massage for face 30 min 30 €
Tonicizes, tightens and cleans face skin.
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