• Slimming massage 60 min 49 €
Slimming cellulite massage with citrus essential oils. Mixture of orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils help to improve metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Peace of mind massage 60 min 45 €
Massage with lavender essential oil – genuine relaxing moment.
  • Johan’s classical massage 60 min 38 €
Classical massage improves blood- and lymphatic circulation, metabolism, helps to strenghten the immune system, decreases muscle tension and stress.
  • Relaxing massage 30 min 22 €
Half body massage using classical massage manners.
  • Lava stone massage 75 min 55 €
Relaxing and mood enhancing massage. The combination of stones and skin generates and conveys heat. Energy harnessed from the sun eases muscle strain and dilates the blood vessels, normalizes the digestive system and metabolism and adrenal system. The heat makes energy channels open as well, releasing energy blocks; it acts as a tonic on the whole body and energy levels stabilize.
  • Anti-stress massage „Magic touch“ 45 min 45 €
Massage is made with warm aroma-therapy candle. It sooths fatigue, heals efficiency, revises skin silk and smooth. Natural substances in candle are nourishing, smoothing, protecting and moistening. Suits for muscles relaxation after physical activity.
  • India head massage 45 min 39 €
An energetic massage with special aromatic oils. Treatment includes shoulder, arm, neck, and head massage
  • Head and neck massage 30 min 22 €
Loses tension from the eyes, helps if You have problems with insomnia and improves concentration. Relieves neck tensions and head ache. 
  • Massage for children 20 min 22 €
Light massage that helps the little ones to relax and recharge their batteries.
Sothys Body Treatments


Inspired by beauty...Sothys is leading brand in it’s subject field, which is recommended by spa specialists all over the world. Setting the standards of professional beauty care for more than 60 years –SOTHYS is renowned for bringing advanced skin care and expertise to consumers exclusively through professional spas worldwide.
  • Sothys perfect slimming body care 90 min 75 € 
Treats all cellulite types. Exclusive body care programme is effective and relaxing at the same time. Treatment starts with a slimming-peeling wrap, with seasalt, lactic acid, orange extract and zeolite. Then the special consentrated serum will be applied to the problematic areas of the body. The serum contains fat burning and dehydrating liposomes complex. At the end there will be a slimming massage, that tightens and softens the skin. Body care suits for both men and women.
  • Sothys oriental massage with peeling 60 min 59 € 
Exclusive body care begins with body peeling, which is followed by balancing massage, which stimulates the body and the spirit. Body care nourishes and relaxes the skin.
  • Sothys body care „Signature“ 60 min 69 €
Sensual and unique treatment that combines colors and massage. Moisturizes and nourishes skin, gives elasticity and softness.
Organique Eco-treatments
Organique ecofriendly procedures are developed with an understanding that in beauty and health filosophy the most important components are plants, minerals and other natural ingredients. Wellness is an art of balanced and harmonic life. As nature is part of us, it is not possible to achive harmony and balance without nature playing its part in that process. Organique procedures gives us a change to be one with the nature, ensuring the complete wellness experience.
  • Chocolate bodywrap 60 min 45 €
Improves body shape, skin complexion, skin elastance, moisturises and tonicizes.
  • Chocolate bodywrap with peeling and massage 90 min 59 €
Procedure begins with sweet peeling, which is followed by amazingly nutritious mask care. Aromatic relaxing massage takes all the worries away. Procedure completes with strenghtening chocolate oil, which modifies skin smooth and silky.
  • Coffee bodywrap with peeling 60 min 45 €
Accelerates metabolism, possesses anti-cellulite and figure modeling effect.
  • Coffee bodywrap with peeling and massage 90 min 59 €
Procedure begins with peeling, which is followed by nutritious mask care. Relaxing massage takes all the worries away.


  • Ecocare for body with Ghassoul clay 75 min 55 €
Ghassoul clay contains more silicon, magnesium, potassium and calcium than any other clay, therefore it is considered as the best skin supporter among other cosmetic clays. Deep cleansing and smoothing effect, also clays with precious minerals and helps to excrete toxic substances. Strenghtens and tonicizes skin, reduces skin defects. Procedure contains peeling, wrapping and massage.
  • Ecocare for body and face with Ghassoul clay 75 min 65 €
In addition to body You can have an extra care for Your face with cleansing claymask, which improves skin texture.
  • „Cliff energy“ body treatment 75 min 69€
Body cleansing treatment that harmonizes soul and body. Treatment starts with aromated peelin, which is followed by Ghassoul clay wrap. After refreshing shower the body is ready for a relaxing massage with warm stones.


  • Dead Sea wealth 60 min 49 €

Organique Dead Sea mud does not contain chemical additives, so natural quality has remained. Mud contains a large amount of minerals and microelements, which promotes body purification, treats rheumatism and skin.
  • „Seabreeze“ body treatment 60 min 55 €
Treatment begins with relaxing and refreshing bath. Followed by unique massage with hot temples that are filled with sea salt. Sea salt remineralizes and enriches skin.
  • Tibetian body care 60 min 55 €
Relaxing massage executed with warm cups filled with Dead Sea salts and fragments of Himalayan rock stimulates circulation and smoothes the skin.
  • Rejunevating cranberry body care 60 min 49 €
It is revitalizing care, which is enriched with peeling and aromatic rejunevating mask. Cranberry’s effective qualities proceed from all the vitamins inside it. Cranberry has very big amount of C-vitamin inside it, which is effective fighting radicals. This procedure also provides shining and tightener skin.
  • Stimulating massage with hot herbalstamps 60 min 59 €
Massage influences organism in various sensory ways:aroma-therapy, calming warmth and herbal useful features. The effect of massage provides complete relaxation and inner balance.
  • Restoring goat milk body care 60 min 45 €
Precedure contains bath and massage. Goat milk supplys skin with nutrients, decreases irritation, calms and moistures dry skin. Luxurious warm bath and massage pampers senses. After the body care skin is smoother and revived, renewed significantly.
  • Relaxing backmassage with Dead Sea mud mask 60 min 40 €
Organique Dead Sea mud does not contain chemical additives, so natural quality has remained. Dead Sea Mud contains a large amount of minerals and microelements, which promotes body purification, increases inflammation, treats rheumatism and skin.
  • Algamask for body 30 min 25 €
Ensures essential elements that are needed for skin vital function. Procedure is very calming, it restores energy and helps to excrete toxic substances.
  • Treatment for the expecting mother 75 min 55 €
Tender treatment starts with a gentle peeling, which is followed by a relaxing massage with shea butter and a face massage.
Other Body Treatments
  • Easytherm therapy one seance 40 min 25€
Easytherm was designed by Europe’s best spa specialists for steam saunas, seaweed and mud wraps etc. Treatment offers relaxation and it is anti-cellulite. Easytherm is very rare in Estonia, which is why You should experience this with us in Johan Spa Hotel.
  • Easytherm hay therapy 40 min 35 €
Treatment is conducted with energizing Saaremaa eco hay. Hay has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the skin.
  • Nuovola bed therapy 35 min 22€
The innovative Nuovola wave system gives body and soul the gift of total relaxation. Its special nature allows You to forget all about the feeling of gravity, giving You the gentle caress of tropical sea. Especially beneficial in case of fatigue and insomnia (0,5 hour of the Nuovola procedure equals 8 hours of sleep), for relieving back problems and muscle strain. In Estonia, Nuovola beds are rare, which is why we recommend trying it here, in Johan Spa Hotel. We belive it is very unique experience (feeling like You are in the womb again) and You will not forget it soon.
  • Solarium 1 min 0,6€
Recommended tanning lenght with new Hapro Luxura X5 SLI High Intensive solarium is 8 to 16 minutes. Suitable time depends of Your skin type and tanning level.
  • Sea salt bath 20 min 18€
Sea salt bath is rich by microelements and minerals. It is good for nervous system, joint- and muscle aches.
  • Cleopatra milk powder bath 20 min 20€
Moisturises and nourishes skin richly. Milk bath balances, calms and revives skin. Milk proteins invigorate sensitive or dry skin.
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